Via Justice Law Offices

Since October 2012, Via Justice Law Offices have been joined by elite lawyers from all areas of practice. We expect to provide our clients with professional, prompt and enthusiastic services in every single case.

Our team is composed of both local and foreign admitted lawyers with several years of experience in litigation and solicitor work. We believe such an integration of our diverse lawyers enhances not only the depth but also the width of the legal services and it will be a brand new experience to our clients.

Trust, efficiency and quality are the three core values of Via Justice Law Offices. Each member of this firm is filled with passion and belief to perform work and conduct themselves based on these values. With this mentality, we expect to continuously grow, improve and further establish the new manner of providing professional and comprehensive legal services.

On behalf of all the members with Via Justice Law Offices, I sincerely welcome your visits!

Y.L. Lee


2013.09.10 The Via Justice Law Offices website is officially up!


Corporate and Investment

  • Domestic and foreign investment, merger and acquisition, joint venture, anti-dumping, real estate and other assets disposition/distribution/licensing.
  • Shareholders’and board meeting convention and operation,articles of association and internal regulations, management dispute and corporate governance.
  • Trade affairs and dispute resolutions between Taiwan and China.
  • Labor relations, fair trade and personal information protection.
  • Incorporation, change of constitution, dissolution and liquidation.
  • Internal senior management and employee legal training.
  • Bankruptcy, reorganization.

Financing and Capital Markets

  • Banking, syndication loan, financing, credit facility and financial derivatives.
  • Organization change from credit cooperative to commercial bank.
  • Debt repayment negotiation and financial consumption dispute.
  • Offering and issuance of securities, insurance and capital market.

Fair Trade and Consumer Protection

  • Fair trade violations and advice
  • Enterprises merger review, examination, negotiation, consultation and application.
  • Consumer dispute and class

Intellectual Property

  • Fair Trade and Consumer Protection Patent, trademark and copyright negotiation, litigation and alternative dispute resolution.
  • Licensing, transferring and technology cooperation consultation, negotiation and drafting
  • Patent and trademark prosecution and maintenance.
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic advertisement application.
  • Corporate intellectual property strategy planning and enforcement

Accounting and Taxation

  • Tax law compliance and consultation.
  • Tax and accounting dispute resolution.
  • Tax planning and enforcement


  • Divorce, property division, custody, spousal and child Support.
  • Estate and succession planning

Litigation and Arbitration

  • General civil, criminal, family, intellectual property, labor and employment and administrative litigation.
  • Provisional attachment, preliminary injunction and other compulsory enforcement affairs.
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgment.
  • Public construction contract dispute resolution and arbitration.
  • Trade affairs dispute and arbitration.
  • Trade affairs in China dispute and arbitration


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